07 May 2012

A very special bus

I guess most bus enthusiasts have a favourite bus, well this is mine. Western National 1078 ODV78M was the first series 3 VRT and served Plymouth well for many years.

©Tipperman July 1984

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      1. Interesting that it's got a Series 3 grill panel in this photo. Some, presumably earlier, photos show it with a Series 2 panel.

      2. Interesting point Steve. Hants & Dorset had six prototype VRT3s, and they all came with the 'Series 3' grille - but they were a little later than ODV78M.

      3. this bus still exists today though sadly not in the uk

      4. yes it is in oz in kings ferry livery tho in a very poor state

      5. Fuller details here (including a photo with the original grille):-



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