14 May 2012

Citybus Update: Doris and Boris?

I have just updated the Citybus fleet listing with the following changes made:
Only 1 to 4 are considered as being in reserve at the moment. Of these 2 N102UTT seems least likely to reappear in service anytime as its currently dumped next to what remains on 28 at the back of the depot with fleet numbers removed. The others have all been observed out and about from time to time. Plymouth Citybus 002 N102UTT
Dart 39 has had the awful Taxi wrap removed. Not sure yet if its getting anything else in its place.
Plymouth Citybus 039 T139EFJ Its nice knowing that this will be the last photo of this awful wrap on the blog. A livery that wont be missed!
One further bit of livery news - Citycoach 313 has been repainted into the new blue livery.

The rest of the news concerns the training 'fleet'. Volvo 429 Y827TGH which has remained in Go Ahead London livery as a full time trainer (named Boris) is being prepared for full time service so will presumably be out in the new livery fairly shortly.
Training duties will be taken over by two of the dual door Darts 214/215 R401/2FFC which are being prepared for their new role at the moment. I may have got the bus wrong but I did say this would happen back on the 1st of April although I was only joking at the time! (Pretty sure they will stay dual doorway though.) Doris and Boris anyone? DTV

Thanks as always to Brian George for the update along with John Kowalski and Tom Michaels for their updates.

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  1. Keep an eye out for the new advert on 63, 68 & 69.

  2. If you could do a piece about it, would be appreciated.

    I set them up.


  3. Are they AOAs or just the regular side adverts? I'll keep my eyes peeled as these buses are very popular on the 20 and 22 (mainly 60-66 though 67-71 do make appearances from time to time).

  4. They are side advert, i was hoping that Graham might do a post about us.

  5. Talking of wrap adverts, it seems 25 and 34 are loosing theirs soon too. Both are on 'death row' and certainly 34 has had its back cleared and the number plate removed. Personally I can't wait to see the back of the drab stax wrap.

  6. The Stax AOA is a really old fashioned looking wrap; then again, according to Grahams fleetlisting it's been on 34 since 2005!

    The R-reg Darts are all set to go next year, replaced by more B7RLEs.

    @43A, it's hard to do a post about advert buses without photos, perhaps if you provided Graham with a few photos it may help. I'll keep my eye out for them though!

  7. Thanks Tom / 43A!

    The blog posting on the new adverts mentioned will follow this week.


  8. I've sent you and email Graham with images and info.


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