19 May 2012

Ambulance bus


Its difficult not to notice this bright yellow ‘bus’ parked up at the back of Derriford Ambulance Station but its not in a place where I have been able to get a decent photo of her or indeed see what she was. However thanks to Nick Furze I can bring you this shot of newly acquired Mercedes J26UNV which has been acquired from St Johns Ambulance, Oxfordshire.

It will soon be based in Plymouth City Centre so keep an eye out for it. If its there you wont miss it

I wouldn't be surprised if its in use over this weekend with everything that is going on in Plymouth.

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1 comment:

  1. I assume that this will be in town to support the Cycle Medics?

    Seems a good idea to have a base in town.

    I've seen in other cities a bus like this used on Friday & Saturday nights, as a drop in clinic for minor injuries - Coming soon in Plymouth I imagine


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