16 April 2012

A Wright Rejig

Its not just Citybus that has changed this last few weeks. First have made quite a few changes of their own. We have seen the new Park & Ride fleet already. We lost the old Enviro 400's but we also lost most of the remaining Volvo B7RLEs: GONE:
First 69249 YJ07WFR 12 February 2011 First 69250 YJ07WFS First 69251 YJ07WFT First 69252 YJ07WFU
First 66106 (R906 BOU)
© Ian Kirby: Royal Parade, Plymouth 13th April 2012
I must admit I have missed this one although it will have passed my office on several occasions. The body is well known in Plymouth but this is the first Volvo B10BLE we have had here which is a bit longer. Hopefully it gives a better ride that the B6LEs!

Elsewhere on the net

  • Traditionally First were always the harbinger of doom-laden cutbacks. Perhaps something of the Fearnley Factor may, at last, be foretelling a fruitful future for First. Public Transport Experience
  • Yesterday, there was a highly interesting string of comments about Plymouth City Bus’ and Wilts & Dorset’s interior designs for their new Volvo B7RLE/Wrightbus Eclipse 2s. Omnibuses
  • The very latest data showing how busy our rail stations are has been released by the Office of Rail Regulation A Transport of Delight
  • RATP Yellow Buses of Bournemouth are a fleet going from strength to strength. Furthermore, they are increasingly a goldmine in terms of fleet variety for the enthusiast. Southern England Bus Scene
  • I decided to take the chance to make the short journey into Bath, a place which I don't get too that often, despite it being relatively local. Mind you, the appalling traffic jams don't encourage you to revisit, even using Park & Ride. Transport Illustrated
  • On 25 January 2011, Rotala agreed to buy Preston Bus from Stagecoach Group for £3.2 million, after the Competition Commission ruled that Stagecoach had to sell the company. The deal includes 85 buses, 240 employees and a depot, with Rotala pledging to keep the Preston Bus identity and invest in fleet modernisation. Public Transport Experience
  • This, under her new very stylish green livery for the Asda shopper bus is our old friend, K110 SFJ, who is now owned by the Halifax Joint Committee. PTOTPA
  • fbb does not normally blog on matters of the monstrous motor car (!) but researching the Pont Hafren blogs led him, virtually, to the little village of Aust in South Gloucestershire. Public Transport Experience
  • I blame the DMS for unnecessarily perpetuating the idea that London needs its own bus design. Since the DMS Daimler Fleetline debacle, no one could quieten the calls for a bespoke London design. Omnibuses
  • Of course the stop is a legalistic halt to keep the service within the fuel tax rebate rules (now "bus operators' grant"), rather than a desire to improve the lot of the worthy residents of Aust. Public Transport Experience

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