10 April 2012

Incoming: Citybus Volvos

The streets of Plymouth have seen quite a change this last few weeks. Now in service with Citybus and looking really good are the new Volvo B7RLE / Wrights: Plymouth Citybus 100 WA12ACJ Plymouth Citybus 109 WA12ADV Plymouth Citybus 108 WA12ADU Plymouth Citybus 105 WA12ACY Plymouth Citybus 102 WA12ACU

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  1. Surprised they are on the 43A!

  2. Just seen in Saltash, dual door, all red citaro. Quite short.

  3. Not a Citaro sorry, its on the 33, First. Looks quite old. White top all red.

  4. This is what I saw;


  5. It's this sorry!


  6. Its a Dennis Dart with Marshall Capital bodywork, this was previously seen in Plymouth last week

  7. 41295 - 33/33A on 10th April. Free if Anyone Wants it, No Almex or Cash Tray.

  8. its an ex london marshall bodied dennis dart.
    yes there is a duty that has a new b7 on 43a's all day.
    they can also be found on southway 40 and 41 in the eves too

  9. The 3 spare B7RLEs are on the 43A during the week; at weekends these are normally handled by the double-decks.

    Are these used on the 40 and 41 on Sundays too then? Or are they still used on the 43 or maybe make their way onto a 'group' of services, such as the 28B/29/34?

  10. nice to see citybus driving standards are still poor!! driver of the 43a in your pic has both his hands off the wheel and not even looking at whats in front of him!

  11. I think that image should be removed, he could be sacked over that!

  12. He wasnt actually moving at the time. He was waiting as a Megabus coach was parking up in front, just behind me as I took the photo. Its rear end was still sticking out while the coach in front moved forward.

  13. Roger that! Thanks for clearing it up Graham :)

  14. still looks to me like its moving by the reflection of the passerby's, this is one of the often quoted pet hates about "bus spotters" taking pic's without drivers permission, having adverse affects for the driver, his face should be blanked out at least

  15. Imminently the volvos are to be sold because go ahead don't like them.

    They WERE originally for the 43 Then they were on the 50 with loads of other busses as well as the double deckers that can't get up Keswick cresent as it a bif hill to climb.

    703 is now in swoops. 138 broke down outside sainsburys but driver sorted it himself.


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