27 March 2012

Tanker Strike

PLYMOUTH’S petrol supplies could dry-up within hours if a tanker drivers’ strike goes ahead, said a city union boss. Scores of petrol stations across Plymouth could be closed and army military personnel might be called upon to supply gas as fuel tanker drivers voted overwhelmingly for strike action. It follows a dispute over terms and conditions and safety standards. Unite drivers supply fuel to 90 per cent of the UK’s forecourts and the union said a strike could close up to 7,900 petrol stations. Workers in seven major distribution companies were balloted for industrial action – Wincanton, DHL, Hoyer, BP, J W Suckling, Norbert Dentressangle and Turners. Unison said that more than 61.1 per cent of those voting across the seven companies voted for strike action.

This is Plymouth

So lets have a reminder of what we will be missing if they do strike

Asda ND11FYS (DHL) BP NJ60ZJE H3495 Sainsbury EY59OGJ

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Sorry for the gap in posting – far too much on at the moment!


  1. Keep your eyes peeled for R308 JAF. SHe is being used on Park & Ride work today

  2. Really? They must be desperate! Wasn't that on Nat Ex some years ago?

  3. its the motorists that should b causing a stink, paying as much as we do for fuel!!!


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