07 March 2012

Take the bus

Not really anything to do with Plymouth, but these adverts are brilliant. This is the way to advertise bus travel!

Recommended Links

  • Durham County Council has installed a brand new bus shelter with flag, pole, litter bin and timetable frame at a bus stop without buses. How utterly daft can you get? Public Transport Experience
  • Well LT2 has been in service for a whole week and when I was on it on Friday it was still attracting a huge amount of attention. I am taking this opportunity to deal with some myths. Leon Daniels
  • So, Mail On-line, your map is WRONG, utterly. Buses do serve this stop. Public Transport Experience
  • With the risks come rewards. It’s two years since (Transdev) Yellow Buses introduced its Glo smartcard. It proved popular right from the start. The number of smart transactions has seen a 70 per cent year-on-year increase. Omnibuses
  • In fact both sections of the line were closed to passengers before the Good Doctor's report was accepted as Government Policy; so he can't be blamed in the slightest. Even the subsequent closure for freight was "on the cards" before Dr Richard chose to champion his chopper! Public Transport Experience
  • The main reason for my trip to south west Wales was a very welcome early event in the 2012 rally season, the Swansea Bus Museum's 'Regent 30' running day, commemorating the withdrawal of the final South Wales Transport AEC Regent Vs in 1982 Transport Illustrated
  • It is exactly two years since fbb wrote his first blog. It was sons numbers 1 and 3 who persuaded him to start. "But no-one will read it," complained "Pops", "and how will anyone know it's there?" Public Transport Experience
  • Is there no stopping Go Ahead in its acquisition of England’s smaller operators? After a general lull in activity, Go Ahead seems to have taken up the mantle with its buying spree. Omnibuses
  • Last week, First Hants & Dorset announced on VOSA and the unofficial First Hants & Dorset forum that Eclipse wouldn't be the only massive route change taking place from Monday 23rd April. This is a date from which First services across the south coast will change hugely. Southern England Bus Scene
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