05 March 2012

Just two little minutes

New timetables from April are now starting to appear on the various web sites so lets start with First Devon & Cornwall Park and Ride PR1.

At first glance it all looks very similar but then you see the phrase “at every 10 mins”

Excerpt from current Monday to Friday PR1
has been replaced with “at every 12 mins” which saves one bus an hour.

Excerpt from Monday to Friday PR1 as from 1st April

I suppose on one hand waiting an extra two minutes isnt that big a deal, but it is still a decline in service. No word at all from the company yet about the use of bendy buses on the Park & Ride, with a recent comment suggesting that the bendy buses have been returned to Glasgow. Who knows!!

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      1. i heard that the council didnt approve of the bendies and the one that was sent down had a rotten floor.


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