22 February 2012

Bendy to Coypool?

First Devon & Cornwall are already one of the select few operators of bendy buses within First Group as they operate them on the Eden Project contract. They have now added another one to the fleet with 10133 currently in Plymouth in what appears to be a fresh repaint in standard barbie livery.

I had heard it had been reported as being at The Ride but assumed it was here for repainting for the Eden contract, which I guess is still a possibility but I observed it coming out of the Coypool Park & Ride site on Monday although no passengers were being carried. Could it be a test to see if they would be suitable for the Park & Ride PR2? The only problem I can see is the congestion on the Royal Parade bus stops.

It did look like Citybus were likely to take on some of Go Aheads Mercedes Citaro bendys as it seemed to work on the 21 route but this seems to have been put on hold. Maybe the forthcoming change to the 21 with it no longer going up into Steer Park will make it a more bendy – friendly route?

Sadly I was unable to get a photo as I was sat in McDonalds stuffing my face at the time but thanks to ‘awsnews’ I can bring you a photo of the same bus taken back in July still in Glasgow.

First Glasgow Artic 10133 on the 9
©awsnews. 1st July 2011

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  • BUT, is it really more efficient and less costly than sending out a copy of the form by post for the Company Secretary to sign and post back? Technology for the sake of it, again. Public Transport Experience
  • He had an interesting career path. Though grounded in the bus industry, few grandees can claim to rise to the top from a consultancy and, before that, local government. But Peter Huntley did all that before his 2006 appointment as managing director of Go North East. And, after a tragic accident on Sunday, he is now dead. Omnibuses
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      1. I wonder if someone could help me? When Citybus had the P&R contracts, they used mini Dart busses. Did that used to work? If so, why the need for deckers & Bendys?

      2. Jared, as a former Citybus P&R driver i can tell you that the original P&R service was once the 25/25A that went from Home Park - West Hoe via Barbican.
        The use of the MPD's were so the buses did not run into trouble around the West Hoe and Barbican areas.

        There were additional Deckers and Derts used during Am/Pm peak times.



      3. On the PR2 originally Dart 25,26 and 27 were used along with some 709Ds up until 2003, when 69,70 and 71 were purchased along with 67 and 68, 69/70/71 were all painted into the Park and Ride livery - the green from these can be seen on the inner parts of the doors.

      4. The DDs were purchased when The George P&R site opened up so the extra capacity was needed. The Coypool site was generally SD but one or two Enviros were used when available as the SDs were often full whereas the DDs were running mostly empty!

      5. The bendy bus that was on trial with Plymouth Citybus is now a permanent resident at Go North East with fleet number 5341.

      6. mike hudson PCTPG23 February 2012 at 22:48

        i have it on good authority that fdc are getting 10 bendies from first glasgow for park and ride in plymouth

      7. Just thought I'd add I saw a bright yellow (!) Bendy bus coming out of the George park and ride site on Wednesday.

        Had first logos on the front, and "Not in Service"

        Took me by suprise to say the least!


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