08 February 2012


It seems the next repaint to hit the road for the new look Citycoach fleet will be 315 which should be out and about in the next day or two. It seems a good time for a reminder of how she looked when brand new:
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Steven Hughes

I know some think this livery is quite dated but it still looks quite fresh to me. Its nice and simple yet bold and I am not aware of anyone else using the same style. I have never been a fan of the grey though and I do like the new blue livery even more. Its hard to believe that the above photo was taken in 2003, almost 9 years ago. When this coach is in the new livery she wont look out of place next to the brand new ones, only the registration giving away how old she is. I have never been a fan of this style of Plaxton bodywork, seems quite bland compared with other designs out there, but perhaps that has helped it to remain ‘ageless – and not to age quite as much as some designs have done.

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