25 January 2012

subtle difference

First 48265 W605PAF 23 January 2012
First 48265 W605PAF 20 August 2006

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  1. no webiste
    no advert
    new grill
    new fleet no. loc
    new mirrors
    no pink star on n/s window
    new green dot on n/s window

  2. Don't forget the 'kiss key' for refuelling.

  3. The general standard of the repaint appears to have visibly declined. Undersized logo on the front, wonky fleet number, 'grille' no longer picked out in black, the black catches on the front panel and battery compartment being painted over instead of masked off, no website advertising, and the 'f' vinyl on the side is much too big, meaning the bottom has been chopped off.

    Oh yes, just noticed the pink band around the sides is too high. To compensate for this when they got round to the front, the painters dropped it diagonally just forward of the front wheel arch. How very sloppy!


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