14 January 2012

Plymouth Bus Routes Part Two

Part two of my series looking at the current bus routes in Plymouth covers route 1A Plymouth to Latchbook (Saltash).

I start this time at Fairmead Road, Latchbrook and do the  Latchbrook loop before returning through Saltash towards Plymouth. I have also included the whole of the Plymouth City Centre loop so we end at North Cross Roundabout as it heads back towards Saltash.

Plymouth Bus Routes Part Two
Route 1A Latchbrook to Royal Parade operated by First Devon & Cornwall

And yes, I have noticed the spelling mistake at the beginning! (Only after the half hour it takes to upload the video!!)

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  1. 'Lash'ing is Just what First are doing with 'Their' Customers

  2. Many thanks for compiling and uploading the videos of the Google street view for the Plymouth bus routes. As well as being very interesting I am sure I will find them to be useful for identifying exactly which roads bus services take on the less familiar (for me) bus routes.


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