21 January 2012

Plymouth Bus Routes No3: Citybus 20

Whilst the original plan was to work through all the routes in numerical order I want to make sure that I keep up with any route changes as they occur so I have before and after versions ready as the route changes happen. The first batch of route changes have been announced as being Plymouth Citybus 20 to 22 so we present the first of these routes this week with the current route 20:

Plymouth Bus Routes No3: Plymouth Citybus 20

We start with the City Centre loop and then proceed down Exeter Street, Embankment Road on to Marsh Mills. Then enter Plympton Woodford, Crossway, Newnham Road, and up through Moorland Road to Mudgeway and Ridgeway ending up at St Mary Bridge.


 I will shortly complete the new version of this route and detail the changes due in March.

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