13 December 2011

Now where have I seen that before


Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Arriva436


Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Forbsey

Thanks to Rob for the tip! I actually think the 'extras' do make the Citycoach version the better one of the two. I’d much rather have a ‘copycat’ livery that’s as smart as this one, than see the fleet disappear into a national group livery like Stagecoach or First.

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  1. But why change the livery at all? It just seems like change for change’s sake and has resulted in Plymouth City Coach having lost their own individual livery to having a copycat one from another company, which just does not seem to make any sense at all, well to me anyway!

  2. Just looked online at Moss Coaches, Isle of Wight..... it was bought out by Southern Vectis in 1994 which is now part of the Go-Ahead Group.
    So its not really a copy cat livery more of a revivalism of a livery from an existing company taken over by Go-Ahead.

  3. I think the change of livery was needed and helps demonstrate the group is keen to grow the business where it had been threatened with closure and been run down for a while. Most of the other big groups which could have taken on Citybus would have closed it down by now I am sure.
    As for the copycat livery - I dont see it as a bad thing - it is a very smart livery.
    AmbuSpike - the Moss livery was designed for Go Ahead Group for the fleet rather than inherited with the business.


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