03 December 2011

Life after Plymouth GDR206N

Barrow 102 Plymouth 206 200589 B139_2_6
This is GDR206N as Barrow Corporation 102 inside their depot on 20 May 1989.
Yet another from the Wimborne Railway Society Archive thanks to Ken Aveyard

Recommended Links

  • The funding partners have retained the service ever since. It acted as a kind of free rail park & ride and offered a competitive alternative to Chester bus-based P&R. Till now. From this month, it went commercial, with a charge Omnibuses
  • On Tuesday 29th November the Devonshire monsoons broke out, so fbb and Mrs fbb decided to risk a trip to Exeter. A simple ride on the 52A took them to the delights of Exeter bus station Public Transport Experience

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