31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Just a quick note to wish all my readers a Very Happy New Year for 2012.

I will resume proper posting again from the second of January after this much needed break!


Not everyone has taken a break so there is still plenty for you to read in the meantime….

  • This is a simple post just advertising various forums I am part of that also cover the south coast. We welcome new members, whether you just have a passing interest in the company, or you are a regular spotter / photographer, to management in the companies. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Regular readers may remember that on December 4th, fbb reported an incident where he had been refused travel using his old fogey's pass. Public Transport Experience
  • Maybe ADL feels there’s a one-off chance it can exploit Optare’s current weakness that otherwise leaves Optare totally exposed. Omnibuses
  • Stagecoach South have received some new Enviro200 single deckers for Basingstoke and Aldershot town services. Southern England Bus Scene
  • As the title suggests, this is the first of three posts looking back at the main events of 2011 as reported here on Andy's Bus Blog (ABB) todays post covers January to April Andys Bus Blog
  • Ok, maybe I'm about to be a bit picky, but on the dull day, this dark red front does them no favors. PTOTPA
  • In these straitened times, it is hard to image that Suffolk Council will happily shell out its rapidly evaporating money to support s service if another operator is running something similar with no call on the Civic purse. Public Transport Experience
  • Bus fares have been a bone of contention for as long as I can remember. That’s hardly surprising, as operators have put them up ahead of inflation in preference to withdrawing mileage. Omnibuses
  • During 2011, the Blackpool Transport fleet has continued to contract. At the start of the year 156 buses were in the active fleet Fylde Bus Blog
  • I'm sure many of you will be pleased to see these go, and perhaps, rightly so. They're cheap, not very well built, un-fit for purpose vans at the end of the day PTOTPA
  • There is a long tradition of making resolutions for this arbitrary calendric clock click, so here are a few made by fbb on behalf of the transport industry. Public Transport Experience
  • Who says nothing ever happens over Christmas? Almost within hours of ADL sniffing around Optare with its bag of magic beans came the rebuff. Ashok Leyland was having none of it. Omnibuses
  • Farewell 2011 TGP

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