14 November 2011

Whats going on here then?

I did promise to look at the upcoming changes to the X80 X81 from 4th December. The only trouble is I cant actually see what they are, so they cant be that much!

The one thing I have just picked up on is the header key to a few of the journeys..



Yep – it does still include a few runs as “this journey only runs until the 18th September 2011”

Very useful to know now, but not useful on a timetable that only starts on the 4th December 2011!


I do wonder if perhaps the old timetable has been put up in error?


Otherwise if anyone can spot what the timetable changes are I would love to know!







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  1. 07:05 departure from Dartmouth service X81 has been re-timed to leave 10 minutes earlier at 06:55. I'll point out the odd header code that's crept in from somewhere.

  2. Did anyone have the same thought as me? A Plymouth to Torquay timetable to help the public really should have the words Plymouth, Lee Mill, Ivybridge and South Brent....not just Bretonside, Westward Inn, Town Hall and London Inn (the London Inn is now closed to make matters worse).

  3. Produced in Bristol or South Wales maybe? Can't beat local knowledge!!


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