21 November 2011


Back at the end of October Citybus announced they were putting large poppies on the front of many of their buses: Plymouth Citybus has pledged its support to the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal by putting more than 150 extra large poppies on the front of the buses Andrew Wickham, managing director at Plymouth Citybus, said that many people in the company felt it important to display the symbol of remembrance.

"Not only should we remember those employees of bus companies who were killed in action or by enemy action, but support the Royal British Legion that will provide future help to members and their families involved in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan," he added.

One surprising recipient of a poppy was 132 M132HOD step entrance Dart which shouldn't be in service. I captured it sitting at Bretonside on Friday so maybe its in use as a runabout at the moment but presumably can still be used in service if necessary. Plymouth Citybus 132 M132HOD


  1. Not as big as the poppies on certain Blue Star vehicles a while ago!


  2. Graham, there is still one step dart on the PVR it operates a contract Mon - Fri

  3. I believe M132 is being kept as an 'emergency' bus, e.g. if a service breaks down and there's nothing else available, they can use this. I often see it on school services; I believe it's the only step-dart left, a few are for sale here:


  4. She is also used on the Tesco contract

  5. 132 used on the Tesco TL3 route today 21/11/11.

  6. She'll be Out on the Afternoon ASDA Run 23rd.

  7. M132HOD is here to stay! They've renewed her tax until October next year


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