23 November 2011

The end of the Royal Navy

Sad news from Jason Beverly:
Just to inform you that sadly Leyland Atlantean Roe 129 GJZ 9575 (STK129T) which I once co-owned and was named Royal Navy before becoming an open topper with City Sightseeing Oxford (Tappins) has been found to be beyond economical repair by its current owners who did rally her last season. She is now being broken for spares. The engine etc for sale on ebay currently:

Leyland Atlantean 680 engine can be heard running   eBay

Some pictures taken in happier times:

Plymouth 129 (STK 129T)
©Ian Kirby (cc) Jan 1993

Guide Friday STK129T Cambridge 16 3 99
©Steven Hughes (cc) Cambridge 13 March 1999

©Steven Hughes (cc) October 2010

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  1. Engine didn't sell and most of the other bits appear to have no bids or offers.

  2. I have been informed that the Plymouth - Polperro service is up for tender!

  3. only bits of it, parts of most routes in cornwall are up for tender

  4. There are over forty Cornish routes/part routes up for tender at the moment.


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