13 September 2011

Subtle City

There has been a nice subtle change to the livery of Plymouth City Council vans over the last year or so which I have been rather slow to catch up on. The days when I kept full fleet listing of all City Council fleet have long gone. For quite a few years I was the Editor of Council Vehicle News for the Fleet Data Society so I would have picked up the livery change straight away.

The council logo looks a lot better in the full green block rather than just a green logo on a white background. The new grey 'band' also helps make the logo stand out.

It always puzzled me that many councils seemed to almost hide their vehicle fleets, when you would have thought they would want to be seen out there, working for the City. Of course you then get the opposite effect of people complaining that the council operate too many vans and waste money by splashing their logos all over them. I guess the council cant really win!

Plymouth City Council WU10NNA Plymouth City Council WR10MHK
Of course you also get similar issues cropping up when a company changes its livery in some way. "Why waste money on painting the buses when it could be spent on putting on more buses". Funny how you never hear people telling Tesco to stop wasting money by plastering their name on their shops, when they could just make their products cheaper.

Elsewhere on the net

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  1. they look ok but why the change in name City of Plymouth is much better and more up market than Plymouth City Council surely

  2. saw a couple of the Council's bin lorries recently and they look good, in the new style with large photos on the sides. Looks much better. Keep an eye open for them.


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