21 September 2011


Plym Valley Transport Weekend Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September

Trains will depart from Marsh Mills every 30 minutes from 1300 until 1600 on both days.
The trains are scheduled to be top and tailed by Diesel Shunter 13002, at the north end, and 0-4-0ST Albert, at the south end of the train.
Fares:- Adults £2.50 and Children £1.
Vintage buses will operate a free service between Plymouth and Marsh Mills Station, the proposed timetable is shown below.
Also...this from the PCTPG:
We are planning to take 176 to Winkleigh and in addition to our members there are a number of seats free.
Would you mind making local enthusiasts aware of this and if they wish to travel up and back with us then to contact me asap please
Departing Milehouse Depot 0900
Crownhill Lower level 0910
Tavistock 0940
Winkleigh arr approx 1030

Departing Winkleigh approx 1545
return via Tavistock / Crownhill / Milehouse est return time approx 1715
Contact details: laracroft@talktalk.net text 07779004813 landline 01752 691602
Whilst we do not charge for any trips contributions towards the fuel will not be declined.
Admission to the event is additional at: Adult £5.00. OAP £4.00. Child £3.00.
Thanks Ralph, PCTPG Plymouth Citybus 176 B176VDV

And finally... 9781906008970 VEN N789
The following books are now available to buy from the Preservation Group (click here). Not only do you get a generous discount (even more if you are a member) but you get that warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside knowing that you are also raising funds for the group. (Not forgetting that you are getting a good book too!)





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