03 August 2011

Reddy to set sail


A CITY transport boss is swapping buses for boats in his new role with the Plymouth RNLI.

Marc Reddy, managing director of First in Devon and Cornwall, will head the RNLI's future fundraising drives in the city.

He was presented with a badge by Plymouth RNLI chairman David Lister as he took up the job of fundraising president
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because Plymouth needs an anorak or two



  1. marc reddy is'nt our managing director and has not been so for some time!!

  2. this might account for the presence of 42471 in the city

  3. I hope the RNLI have been given this bus advertising space and are not paying for it, or are at least paying a reduced rate...

    Anyone know?

  4. the bus has been based in cornwall for a while in that livery, and has only been up in plymouth a few weeks. i dont know anything of the cost of the livery, but your right, free or very reduced rate would have been appropiate

  5. I believe that I read somewhere that the advertising is provided free, and as the first post says: Marc Reddy isn't the MD anymore.

  6. our new md is christine bainbridge a proper bus worker worked her way up from a clippie

  7. Chris Bainbridge is actually Operations Director for South Coast, Justin Davies is the MD for the whole south west and wales area, and mark reddy is comemrcial director for the south west and wales area


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