16 August 2011

Citycoach 2011

At last we can now bring you the full complete view of the new City Coach livery thanks to Brian George. Plymouth Citycoach 317 BV11GVP Plymouth Citycoach 317 BV11GVP Plymouth Citycoach 317 BV11GVP Plymouth Citycoach 317 BV11GVP ©Brian George.
The more I see of it, the more I like it!

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  1. Alos the 'bannister' for the front steps has changed colour. It was yellow!

  2. I reckon Plymouth Citybus may very well start to bid for National Express contracts soon, especially with a bolstered coaching unit.

    Nice livery very bold to go to blue!!

  3. The Handrails were Grey to Start With!

  4. It doesn't say Plymouth on it anywhere...

  5. I can confirm that the handrails always were grey. We have re-launched the citycoach brand with a new livery, logo and professionally produced brochures.
    Leaving off the word Plymouth is deliberate. 316 is currently being painted into the new livery followed by 315. 318 will be delivered in the new livery

  6. I think its the best citycoach livery ever! look back at some of the other liveries! with the exception of the original citycoach livery, this is the best yet.

  7. @Big G, it would be interesting if you could explain the thinking behind deliberately omitting the 'Plymouth', if it's not company sensitive!?

  8. Just Seen one of the B12M's in the Paintshop at Milehouse


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