04 July 2011


A nice simple post today, with my first proper photo of Citybus 420 in service in her new livery. It really does look much better on double deckers! Plymouth Citybus 420 W509WGH 9 more to go!

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  • It seems a little quieter these days(!) and with reduced interest but Plymouth's Bretonside Bus Station has during the season attracted coaches from far and wide, Busworld Photography
  • Now the former Ugobus fleet operate from every Hampshire depot - Volvo B7RLEs in Southampton, Solos from Hoeford, and Darts from Hoeford and Hilsea Southern England Bus Scene
  • Higher petrol prices that encourage motorists to use the bus (and train) have manifested themselves in Stagecoach’s profits up by a third. Revenues at its UK Bus businesses grew by 2.1 per cent (and train by double that figure) Omnibuses
  • Following a brief and triumphant hiatus, we must regroup in time to say... Happy Birthday to 270 KTA, which turns 49 on 1 July! 270KTA
  • Old Sarum, Sorbiodunum in Latin, probably looked like this ... Public Transport Experience
  • The Magic of Winkleigh–the Hangar. TGP Photos Unlimited
  • The first "modern" public transport to serve the Otter Vale as such was the railway branch to Sidmouth. The railway was not greatly welcomed by the local big cheeses, who wanted to discourage day trippers. Public Transport Experience
  • Darts may not be everybody's cup of tea, but with First Hants & Dorset, enthusiasts have to get used to them. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Having had the best part of a week to consider my position I will be resuming posting to TI from next week with reports on visits to Crich and Sandtoft. Transport Illustrated
  • A paraphrased past politicial point; pathetically promoting these paragraphs. Public Transport Experience
  • The arrival of the 15 new Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL's at First in Norwich is now in full swing with 13 examples sighted so far. Andys Bus Blog
  • From 3rd July, Arriva will operate 264 buses and employ around 920 people in Malta and Gozo. The new fleet of buses will replace a fleet of owner operated buses. Most will not see further use. A random selection today of locally built bodies TGP Photos Unlimited
  • First Devon & Cornwall are making some changes to a couple of their core Cornish routes for the summer holidays, from 27th July. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Look, Smart Trams! Kool! [4] Seaton, Supreme and Superb. This series of blogs concludes .. Public Transport Experience
  • CitySightseeing–Malta TGP Photos Unlimited


  1. With the removal from service of the step Darts and the Mercedes, do you think fleet numbers might change?

  2. Go North East's conversion of their 35 Plaxton bodied B7TL's acquired from London General are continuing apace.

    All of these buses have had/are to have a complete internal renovation with all the middle doors also being removed. They can be viewed on the news page at:-


  3. I have scene 420 on service with the 43 today also a Mercedes Citaro Demonstrator in Milehouse Depot?

  4. Go North East's ones are far more impressive, with a superb internal refurb. Plymouth haven't even replaced the hard plastic anti-vandal seats at the rear of the top deck.

  5. Nice to see one out and about at last. Are they all for the 43 in due course ??

  6. Like the red but hate that maroon.


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