24 July 2011

Its one big step...

©Jason Beverley
With the end of the school term comes the end of step entrance Dart operation with Plymouth Citybus. The last day was 22nd July.
Much better news for these two buses though as they both join the PCTPG 'fleet' this weekend. I am really pleased to see 176 being saved as it is a fine bus. Never was a fan of the Volvo B6s but they lasted a lot longer than many of us expected! PCTPG B176VDV M53HOD Sadly its not looking likely that 176 will be on The Hoe today.

Thanks to Jason Beverley for the news and photos.


  1. Will 176 be returned to her original Cityciach livery & spec(without destination box)?

  2. They hope to get it back to as close to original condition as possible. Certainly it will be in the livery as new.

  3. Step entrance Darts still in use today (Tuesday 26/07/11). Saw 128 on the Tesco Lee Mill free bus service and another (124?) was in use on the 10:09 59 service from Cornwood.

  4. 124, 128 and 132 have all been retained for a further period to operate the services 13 and 59.


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