18 July 2011

Gifts for Heather

Due to the various technical issues I am a bit slow on this but the mammoth trip from Lands End to John O'Groats and back is well under way. As I type this they have reached Dudley. You can actually see where they are right this minute on the live tracker page here
From 15 – 30 July, two hardy souls will undertake a mammoth bus trip from Land's End to John O'Groats (and back!) to raise money for Oxfam, using just registered bus services. Richard Stedall, who is 39-years-old and from Devon (originally from Kent) will be joined by fellow bus enthusiast 54-year-old Alan Moore from London on the 1,500 mile return trip.
Both men will be raising money for educational projects funded by Oxfam including two ‘Unwrapped Gifts’ of a newly built (or rebuilt) school classroom and enough stock for a school library. Once this ‘unwrapped’ target has been reached additional donations will then be put towards a project Oxfam is running in Mali, helping to improve levels of education and reduce child illness in remote communities. Through this project Oxfam will aim to upgrade school and sanitation facilities, improve teachers’ skills and encourage more parents to send their children to school. The project will also give communities the skills to lobby authorities to continue to improve education standards.
Please use the links below to follow the trip and support the team.

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