03 May 2011

Responding to Demand

Back to the blog after a much needed Bank Holiday break:

First have now posted details of their changes for June 2011:

In order to best match resources with levels of demand and respond to customer requests for more direct buses to the places they wish to go to, First Devon and Cornwall is making some changes local buses in Plymouth from 12 June 2011. As a result of the changes some services will see an increased frequency, while the routes of some others are being altered. One existing service is being withdrawn.
Talking about the changes, Marc Reddy, Managing Director of First in Devon and Cornwall, says:

"Over the past few months we have seen our customers travel patterns change once again. We have noticed an increased demand for services around Barne Barton and St Budeaux and with this in mind we have adjusted the frequency of buses in this area. Furthermore customer feedback has indicated that people would prefer more direct links between key points in the city, so we have adjusted the route of Service 6 and brought in a new Service 7 to address that. Our mantra in Plymouth has always been that 'we go where ugo', and these latest changes continue to reflect that. The withdrawal of Service 12 is regrettable but not enough people have been using the service to make it commercially sustainable, so the route has been withdrawn to enable us to make improvements elsewhere. I would like to take the opportunity to thank those people in and around Plympton for travelling with us over the past few years. "Customers wanting more information about the latest service changes are advised to speak to a member of our customer service team or log onto our website. New timetables will be made available approximately two weeks prior to the changes taking effect."

Specific changes in Plymouth, from 12 June
Service 3 (City Centre - Barne Barton via Devonport, St Budeaux): To meet the increased demand for buses the timetable of this service is being improved. Specifically buses will run up to every 7-8 minutes Monday - Saturday, and every 30 minutes on Sundays and Public Holidays from Sunday 12 June. This compares to every 10 minutes Monday - Saturday at the moment.
Service 6 (City Centre - Staddiscombe via Plymstock): The route of this service is changing slightly from 12 June. Specifically Service 6 buses will no longer serve Horn Cross Road, Stanborough Road, Springfield Road or a section of route on Goosewelll Road, but instead they will operate via Oreston Road, Plymstock Road, Dean Hill, Furzehatt Road, Reservoir Road, Staddiscombe Road, Goosewell Road and Holmwood Avenue before returning along Dean Hill to Plymstock Broadway. The changes mean that customers in Staddiscombe and Goosewell will be able to get to and from Plymstock Broadway more easily and quickly than previously. Buses will run up to every 20 minutes Monday - Saturday and every 30 minutes on Sundays and Public Holidays.
***NEW*** Service 7 (City Centre - Elburton via Plymstock Broadway): A new Service 7 is being introduced from 12 June. This will offer people in Elburton additional opportunities to travel and a quicker, more direct, route between Elburton and the City Centre. Specifically buses, which will run up to every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday and hourly on Sundays and Public Holidays, will follow the route of the current Service 6 until the Pomphlett Road roundabout, from where they will then travel via Pomphlett Road, Horn Cross Road, Stanborough Road Dunstone Drive, Furzehatt Road, Springfield Road, Elburton Road and Stanborough Road, before returning along Horn Cross Road, Pomphlett Road en route to the city centre. In addition Service 7 buses in the city centre, in response to customer demand, will also serve Charles Street (for the Drake Circus Shopping Mall) and Mayflower Street from the 12 June.
Service 12 (City Centre - Chaddlewood via Marsh Mills, Plympton Ridgeway): In order to better match resources against levels of customer demand this service is being withdrawn from 12 June. Plympton remains well served by public transport though so bus users in the area will still have opportunities to travel, albeit using the services of a third party operator.

For more information about these service changes, or to view and download new timetable information, log onto: www.firstgroup.com/devon or speak to a customer services representative in the First Travel Shop or by calling Customer Services on 0845 600 1420. Customers can also follow First Devon and Cornwall on Facebook (search for First Devon and Cornwall) or on Twitter at @FirstBus_Devon For independent travel advice and help planning journeys, call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33.


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  1. Seems to me thyat First are withdrawing from Plymoton in order to concentrate on their traditional routes, i.e Plymstock and Barne Barton...do you think this is to push Citybus out of these areas..withdrawal of Citybus 5/5a and 26 on the cards???

    This only leaves UGO 15 of all the newer routes, I do hope First continue with this routs as it

    is very popular especially after the withdrawal of UGO 7 last year..what do you think ???

  2. I would agree with you on that. It does make a lot of sence to go back to their traditional areas. Will be very interesting to see what Citybus do next - I do wonder if some sort of deal has been done so that they both go back to their traditional areas.
    I think the 15 is safe though as it replaced the 7 and also Citybus have pulled out of Mainstone

  3. More demand for Barne Barton? You've got to be kidding me, I never see a full number 3, and I'm the 26 daily. If anything they need to pull.

    Is it an attempt to entise people on?

  4. I don't think there is more demand in Barne Barton... I reckon they will increase frequency then Citybus will pull their 26 and First will then revert to the original 10 minute frequency. Possibly citybus will the cease their 5/5a in return for first cutting the 12. I wouldn't be surprised if Citybus pull out of Saltash too!!!

  5. yeah i think first are doing what citybus kind of did in ernesettle, when we introduced the 13 they increased the service to every 7/8ish minutes we've pulled out now its gone to every 10!
    also first have ignored what we the drivers suggested, have you seen what time the last 7 is? 18:05 off of royal parade!! way to go first!! lol

  6. It will be a real shame if Citybus to withdraw their 5 & 5A as it is a far more reliable service and has an evening service something which the 6 and the new 7 do not have!

  7. I can only speak as I find and we have both First and Citybus here, and First to me are far more reliable than Citybus and their drivers a lot more helpful..we have the 15,84 and 86 at Hartley and I would love it if First could add a few more services..citybus could withdraw a few in return...they often don't turn up or come in 3's anyway!!! I hope First keep the 15 but I can't see they would have withdrwan from Plympton if they did not agree Citybus give something in return...Citybus only started the 5 and 5a as a retaliation for First starting their 12 in Plympton.

    If I were First I would try and gain an extra route from Citybus then P)lymouth area routes could be shared 50/50..perhaps the 61 or maybe the 42 or something???

  8. I know this is a personal opinion only but in Plymstock/Elburton the 5’s do seem more reliable to me. The First services are often late/cancelled whereas on the whole Citybus seems more committed to running the service. Also having evening buses means that if you are travelling after 20.30 and paying a return fare then the Citybus will be the service of choice. I have to say on the whole both First’s and Citybus drivers are very helpful and polite. Maybe the First drivers do on the whole seem just that little bit more cheerful, I am not sure, I think they are both excellent to be honest.

  9. Something I found out this evening. Apparently the new First Ugobus no 7 service is going to cover a lot of the Plymouth City route that the 48 service to Wembury currently follows. This includes Dunstone Drive and Furzehatt Road. There is a suspicion that this may ultimately result in the 48 service being reduced even further or possibly totally withdrawn altogether.


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