24 May 2011

Extra Big Wheel

Plymouth Citybus seem to have turned up the promotional side of things recently with yet another discount now offered for Citybus passengers:
"Here at Citybus we have yet again joined forces with a great Plymouth attraction, offering our customers a discount. This time we have teamed up with The Wheel of Plymouth, located on the Hoe. They are giving all Citybus customers a 15% discount when they show a Citybus ticket from that day, a valid smart card or staff pass. Your 15 % discount will be deducted from their standard ticket prices, which are £7.50 for adults, £5.50 for students /oap, £5.00 for children 14 and under and £1.00 for children 3 and under. There are also group prices available, which can be found on their website or from the wheels its self.
The Wheel of Plymouth 4
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Glamhag
Then we have yet another little snippet announced by Citybus:
"We are currently trialling the distribution of The Herald’s supplement ‘The Plymouth Extra’ on our buses. Currently the papers will be available free of charge on our Route 26 buses, between the city centre and Barne Barton."
I must admit I didn't realise the Extra was still going - haven't seen one for ages. I am sure First have run similar schemes in the past with the original 'lines' where some Darts were fitted with news paper 'racks' for a while. Didn’t last that long as I recall but I guess its worth another go!
On the same subject I recommend you pop across to Omnibuses post looking at another, larger promotion elsewhere

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