27 April 2011

remember when

The 46/47 routes are no longer with us. It seems strange as they have been an important set of routes for many years, although the route itself has changed on many occasions. Although it was withdrawn as it was loosing money its worth remembering that this was the last route in Plymouth which rostered to run with double deckers in normal day time service. The last few years it has been mostly step entrance Darts. It will be interesting to see how many of these appear in service now that this long route has now gone. So lets celebrate the route with this nostalgia fest of double deckers mainly thanks to Jos Van Hemert...
Plymouth Citybus 185 F602GVO August 2002 PCB Leyland Atlantean AN 162 - Ply., Royal Parade - 09-09-1994 ©Jos Van Hemert September 1994 PCB Leyland Olympian 174 - Ply., Andrews Cross - 16-07-1987 ©Jos Van Hemert July 1987 PCB Leyland Atlantean AN 167 - Ply., Keswick Cres - 18-07-1987. ©Jos Van Hemert July 1987 PCT Leyland Atlantean AN 152 - Ply., Royal Parade - 07-1981 ©Jos Van Hemert July 1981

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      1. There must be something in the air - the 46/47 circulars in Manchester get the chop from 1st May too!

      2. The photo of 152 looks like it was taken back when the western part of the route was via Brake Farm and Mannamead to Royal Parade, rather than via St Budeaux and Devonport.

        ISTR that this was a development of the 'new' 45 that replaced the 25/25A in Brake Farm - but didn't go to the Barbican terminus that the 25A had done.

        Was this the same time that the 45 was introduced through Lower Compton, as well as the existing 8/9 (or was it 8A/8C then?), before the 8s were rerouted via Efford lane? The beginning of Lower Compton being linked with Eggbuckland, and the death knell for the link to Laira (other than the once daily 8A that, I think, still runs.

      3. Hit enter too soon...

        Still reminiscing, but wasn't all of this 46/46A/47/47A/146/147/246/247/etc all the end result of the 33 'Northlink' that ran from Torpoint Ferry to Plympton?

      4. I've seen more step darts and older buses out since the 46/47 has gone, 43A has had one each morning which was rare and all day we are getting 10, 12, 8 etc, same with 26, less Deckers.

      5. I have noticed quite a few step Darts out and about too 107 was on the 50 this morning.

      6. Speaking of double deckers. 4 of the Plaxton bodied tridents have turned up at Milehouse already.

        I still prefer the east lancs low floor body compared to the Plaxton ones, hopefully we will get some more east lancs deckers

      7. I think 5 had arrived the last I heard. Dont suppose we will get anymore East Lancs ones though unless GA Northern send theirs down. They dont seem very popular up there. That said I quite like the Plaxton design too. Much better than the Alexander ALX favoured by Stagecoach


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