02 April 2011

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  • There are still a number of people who don't understand Tube door etiquette. For years London Underground have been trying to tell people that it's a good idea to let people get off the train first before getting on Going Underground
  • I nearly forgot the most interesting spots of the holiday in Orlando, so lets take a step back and have a look at these before continuing. PTOTPA
  • Driving along Wolseley Road today, it's hard to tell that there's a railway stop at St Budeaux. There are still two platforms but the lines are nowadays very run down and the area is very much of a no-go zone at night times. Plymouth Local History Blog

April Fools

  • San Francisco tram operator MUNI announced their intention to buy the original turquoise and green Metrolink trams to work alongside their fleet of 151 Breda light rail vehicles. Manchester Transport
  • I'm delighted to say that, at long last, both the paint and the vinyls have arrived for 270 KTA's forthcoming repaint 270KTA
  • First is therefore expected to announce significant major changes to its southern & western businesses that will see a departure from the ubiquitous white and Barbie livery. Omnibuses
  • Rumours are rife in cyberspace that a little known bus operator in Sicily is about to purchase a "well-known British bus and rail group". Public Transport Experience

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