11 March 2011

Mostly Purple

Current state of play on TavyLinx:
First 40581 XFF 283 22 February 2011
40581 New registration and full new livery. Looks great with the front grill picked out in silver making all the difference
First 40582 UHW661 22 February 2011
40582 New registration and full new livery
First 40583 260ERY 22 February 2011
40583 New registration and full new livery
40584 New registration and full new livery
First 40570 YJ51PZZ 15 Dev 2010 Derrys Cross New Tavy Linx
40570 in full livery but still with the original registration
First 40580 HIG8791 22 February 2011 The biggest surprise is that 40580 has gained a new registration but has been repainted into full Barbie livery out of the old TavyLinx livery. It does kind of raise the question - was this an error and should the registration on 40580 have been put on 40570?

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