05 March 2011

it doesn't always pay to advertise

One good thing about the ugobus service 15 is that you never know quite what you are going to get. The highlight of last week was Leyland Olympian 34615 on my run to work. The Western National liveried Trident has also been out and about on the 15 over the last week. Sadly not all buses have been quite so welcome and even more sadly for me the most frequent bus for my early morning run is this one
First 40586 YJ51RJX
If I am going to get one of these Volvos then I hope its the proper Western National W-PAF batch as at least these have the comfortable seats.
40586 has the same rock hard seats as other First buses of this age. Poor leg room, hard seats, noisy and slow. Not exactly a treat. However this particular bus is by far the worst of the type in Plymouth due to its horrible advertising wrap. Even on a bright sunny morning like we have had the last few days. the inside of this bus is dull. Its not easy to see out and just gets in the way.
Amazingly this advert is not even the worst one carried by this bus for Marjon...
First 40586 YJ51RJX
Its hard to imagine why anyone would want to pay for an advertising wrap that says absolutely nothing!
I don't have a problem with all over advert liveries on bus. In fact they can brighten up the place when done right. Its just that when you cant see out of the windows they get incredibly annoying. I then find myself resenting the company which has paid to make my journey less enjoyable.

With Marjon not only have they managed to annoy me by depriving me of my view they have also added an extra ten minutes to my bus journey to work in the morning. Sitting for a few minutes outside Marjons this morning trying to peer out of the murky windows towards the college which at that moment in my life was really annoying me - what a great start to the day! At least one of the students who caught the bus from that stop was quite hot so took my mind of my misery for a few moments.
Plymouth Citybus recently changed their policy on these advert wraps and no longer will have them plastered all over the windows. Well done Citybus - I salute you! (There are still quite a few out there with windows covered including the bright yellow advert for a taxi company, my views on which are well known!)
Anyway, rant over - I feel so much better now!

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  1. In fairness this vehicle is still a native 'Western National' lol! Plus I like how the pink and blue from the bumper has been incorporated into the side of the advert!


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