21 March 2011

Getting to Exeter: Willowbrook style

After the X38 featuring last week this week will see a bit of a mini theme of "Getting to Exeter":
NBC Western National ©Retrobus
Resting Between Services at Plymouth Bretonside Bus Station on 22nd July 1982 is Willowbrook bodied Leyland Leopard 3536 FDV827V which has been Branded for the X38 Service
FDV828V ©AECRegent: Awaiting its next trip to Exeter, this colourful Western National coach is seen in Bretonside bus station in Plymouth in July 1986

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  • In order to give my eyes a bit of a rest, after pulling an all-nighter trying to get a database to give the results I wanted, I took a stroll along the seafront this morning to blow away the cobwebs Forbesy's Transport Ramblings(NEW BLOG!)
  • I visited Poole today - the first time since last June - and managed to capture nearly 200 photos and lots of buses on camera. The weather has been glorious Southern England Bus Scene
  • In today’s bus industry, if you’re not driving a bus, you’re driving a computer. Software tools enable business management in ways unheard of 30 or even 20 years ago. Omnibuses
  • Stagecoach announced last week that it is to join the ranks of the others in the bus industry's 'big five' by fitting equipment to the dashboard of each of its non-London buses, advice to drivers on how fuel-efficiently they're driving. Transport Illustrated

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