30 March 2011


With the recent good weather last week and the start of this week I have managed to get out into town and take hundreds of photos (giving me a backlog of about 800 photos to process!). On Monday I met up with Graham Smith from London who was down to try and catch the step entrance Darts on camera while they are still out in force. I myself had two main targets to catch - one of them being the current Go Ahead demonstrator BG59FYB Volvo B7RLE with Wright bodywork. This one has been doing the rounds within the Go Ahead Group.
Volvo Demonstrator BG59FYB Volvo Demonstrator BG59FYB Volvo Demonstrator BG59FYB Volvo Demonstrator BG59FYB
It does seem that Go Ahead are favouring the Volvo/ Wright combination for most of their orders at the moment with even Brighton and Hove switching from Scania this year which was a bit of a shock. When (if) Citybus get the Go Ahead to purchase any new buses I guess there's a good chance it will be some of these. The driver I spoke to when I took these photos was not impressed with the bus though!

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  1. i'm not suprised the driver was not impressed, most of them are so stuck in there ways, they need to wake up to the fact they are part of a national company now, and things are changing!

  2. One good thing. VERY COMFY SEATS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. How bland is this bus inside!!! I thought buses are now meant to attract people out of their cars. When you compare the inside with some of Optare's products I know which I would choose.
    Also of note is that Go-Ahead are not only going for wright/volvo but in its HQ town it is going for Optare Versas.
    Bring us some Versa's down here, they look modern, funky and have some great interiors.

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