21 February 2011

Technical Intermission

Sorry for the short break in posting - I am having technical issues! 

I am currently reinstalling Windows 7 on my 'new pc' in the hope that I can make it work properly for a while. I do now have it working - just takes ages reinstalling everything. 

Hopefully later in the week all will be back to normal.

(posted via email - I hope!)
because Plymouth needs an anorak or two



  1. Why upgrade? Most of my work (and domestic stuff) is done on a Risc OS machine with software 15 years old. I do have to check stuff on a modern laptop and, sadly, some web sites are so "browser specific" that they only work on recent software.
    But I strongly recommend "Ubuntu" - a Linux derivative - largely free and utterly reliable.
    Then you will escape from Bill Gates profit driven "upgrade" culture.

  2. Crikey Graham, what do you do with your computers?! I'm still using the same computer I had when your blog started!


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