06 December 2010

proudly showing off

While working over the weekend on a longer term project I came across this drawing of Plymouth City Transport JJY221G from September 1968.
plymouth_33ft_leyland_atlantean-gs Variety from Park Royal
THE PARK ROYAL-ROE SALES DIVISION, which handles the products of Park Royal Vehicles Ltd. and Charles H. Roe Ltd., has plumped for an all-double-decker display at the Commercial Motor Show which opens at Earls Court, London, on September 20
The Plymouth vehicle will have a Setright ticket machine and coin dispenser for the driver, a coin-operated Setright machine for passengers, and a periscope. A.A.
There is a lot more on the Park Royal Vehicles web site which is worth a read through. To get to this article click through 'Publicity' and then Variety from Park Royal. PCB Leyland Atlantean PDR 221 - Ply., Garage PCB - 07-1984#
©Jos Van Hemert : PCB Leyland Atlantean PDR 221 - Ply., Garage PCB - 07-1984
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