12 November 2010

fair on fare dodgers?

A story that has been floating around for a while now:
First Glasgow is taking a hard line on fare dodgers with a team of "bouncers" – First's somewhat confrontational description of its revenue protection officers – checking that passengers are paying the correct fare for their journey. Those passengers travelling without a valid ticket face a £30 standard fare, which will be doubled to £60 if not paid within 21 days.
Now to me this seems quite reasonable, however...
Gavin Booth, chairman of Bus Users UK, comments: "Bus companies do suffer from people not paying the correct fare but this seems like quite a harsh way to deal with it."

Source: Bus and Coach
I am not sure how big a problem fare dodging is in Plymouth but I dont expect it is any less an issue here than it is elsewhere. Providing there is a bit of common sense applied then surely the companies are right to penalise offenders in this way?
I am sure I have seen posters on First stating a £10 fine for not having a valid ticket is this still the case? Not sure I have ever seen anything similar on Citybus though.

Graham (via email)
because Plymouth needs an anorak or two


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