11 September 2010

Ugo Ernesettle? – We go Southampton

First Hampshire is now under common management with First Devon & Cornwall (under Marc Reddy) and over the past few months it seems he has taken quite a few buses with him to Hampshire.

August we see the following heading South:
52540 S540RWP Weymouth
66881 MX05CKP Weymouth
First 52540 S540RWP
First 66881 (MX 05 CKP)
©Ian The Rev 9 October 2009

September should see more of these buses moving to Southampton with 66881-6, 69246-8 plus one more all expected there soon. (Of course as with any future plans - these could change but several of these have already been observed at The Ride with their Ugobus branding removed and First Hampshire legal lettering added)
First 66882 MX55HHR
First 66883 MX55HHP
First 69246 YJ07WFN First 69248 YJ07WFP I am pretty sure that the arrival of these buses in Southampton will be covered by a new blog SE Bus Scene which looks like its one worth watching if you are interested in that area.


  1. I would say the UGO 11 went pearshaped when they cut it from 15 to 20- minute frequency, hence illiminating the faqct they were more frequent than citybus..also Firsts refusal to run any evening services mean they lose all the potential season ticket holders who use the bus to go to work in the day but want to go out in the evening. Yes they lose money on evening services but this can be offset by extra daytime trade. Do you think First will sell up if so who to ????

  2. Will there be anything decent left at First D&C to sell, based on the current rate of transfers of newer buses away from here?


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