09 September 2010

Gone South

First Hampshire is now under common management with First Devon & Cornwall (under Marc Reddy) and over the past few months it seems he has taken quite a few buses with him to Hampshire. Back in May two Dennis Darts 40959 42759 went to Portsmouth
First 40959 S335TJX Now in Portsmouth
First 42759 S659SNG In June we lost 38015 E215BTA which had been down in Cornwall but was originally a Plymouth bus when new.
First 38015 E215BTA
Now in Weymouth
20305/6 T305/6JBC Volvo B7R coaches were transferred from Cornwall to Weymouth
Finally for May we saw quite a few of the original FDC Solos enter service at Hoeford:
53001 V801KAF, 53006/8/13 W806/8/13PAF
First Devon and Cornwall 53001 V801KAF First 53006 W806PAF
53006 in Fareham
First Devon and Cornwall 53008 W808PAF
First 53013 W813PAF
Part two of this post tomorrow (probably!)
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  1. while were on the subject of first, they have today (9/9/10) cancelled the services 7 and 11 in plymouth.

  2. forgot to say they are cancelled from the 31st october.

  3. there are more service cuts planned for before the end of the year too

  4. I keep saying it but First are going to pull out of Devon and Cornwall!!!

  5. Just logged the post for tomorrow morning with the latest cancellations.

    The trouble is that there have been rumours of First pulling out of Devon and Cornwall for years now. I still cant see it happening - but I am beginning to wish they would. Otherwise it will just die a lingering death


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