03 September 2010

Express departures and arrivals

The 6th of September sees Parks (formerly Trathens) taking on the last of First Devon and Cornwall's National Express duties and this coach TT06NEX along with sister TX06NEX and WM04NZU seem to be destined for First Cymru while a few other coaches are returned off lease. It will seem odd not having and Western National / FDC involvement in National Express.
First 20559 TT06NEX
Having said that the coaches being used by Parks from next week should be worth seeing as its believed they are getting some of the new Plaxton Elite coaches (possibly brand new). These are surely the best looking Plaxton coaches for years.
Just in case you don't know what these coaches look like here is an older one with Parks:
Parks Of Hamilton, Volvo B9R Plaxton Elite (1 RWM)
©Buses in West Yorkshire (Creative commons)
Sadly they wont be quite as smart as this as they will no doubt be stuck in the awful National Express livery. Seems a real shame to put such a drab uninspired livery on such a coach as this but there you go.

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  1. hi graham, i have found oun work that fdc are losing the sun 93's cos of council subsidy. fdc want an increase and council say no so they giving it up. and in bus fayre mag fdc are getting rid of north devon! wot with them losing 13,17 and other changes, it not looking very good at fdc :(

  2. Thanks anon.
    There has been some debate about FDC leaving North Devon as nothing has been announced by the company so it appears to be more of a rumour than anything else at the moment.

    FDC are cutting back like all the others at the moment and the councils are also looking to scale back their commitments so expect to see a lot more Sunday services cut back over the coming year.

  3. As you said the 06s are off to Cymru, but WM04NZU is going back to Bristol so I hear.


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