29 August 2010

Sunday Best: MCO248H

248 (MCO248H) ©AECRegent: In a car park near the football ground whilst work was under way to rebuild part of the Depot in 1983
After featuring the nice photo of one of the earlier JJY-G buses having escaped Plymouth we feature a shot of one of the next batch very much and stuck in Plymouth. Not quite sure what the reference to the easiest bus in Britain advert is all about though?

AEC Regents Flickr Photo Stream

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  1. hi graham! the advert on the side was actually a promotion for plymouth citybus! when it changed from pct to pcb they did a revamp. i have an original promotion pack about it.

  2. Indeed, as Anonymous states, the “easiest bus in Britain” was a slogan adopted at the time when PCT rebranded as Plymouth Citybus in 1982. It followed a National Bus Company MAP-style review, unpopular at the time. PCT felt that the route changes and especially the new innovative zonal fares structure then introduced meant that the bus service was “easy”. Making such an assertion these days would need the qualification “Probably the easiest…”


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