15 July 2010

Annabel out and about this weekend

I mentioned a couple of days ago that Plymouth would be seeing an Atlantean out and about this weekend: Plymouth Citybus 168 TTT168X

It will hopefully be leaving town at about 14:15 ish and following the 46 route. I am hoping to join him so expect a few photos after the weekend.

Hello. I'm Michael, owner of TTT 168X or 'Annabel' as I like to call her!  I have had an interest in buses from an early age. I can recall riding round on Plymouth Citybus Leyland Atlanteans when they were in active service and I used to catch them going to and from school as well. I used to sit at the front and watch how the drivers used to change gear. Some were better than others!!.

The attraction to Atlanteans was the sound of that 0.680 engine especially when it was climbing up some of Plymouth's steep hills and I like the design of them too. I used to see an impressive line up of Atlanteans at Plymouth Citybus's depot at Milehouse
You can follow the restoration of 168 on Michaels new web site:
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Reports from our Operations Team state that since the new filter light/lane has been erected on the Laira Bridge/Finnigan Road junction punctuality of our Plymstock services 2 & 6 have improved dramatically so it has clearly made all the difference to the flow of traffic.

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