08 June 2010

Football fever on the buses

World Cup fever is beginning to take hold across the region.

First 52536 S536RWP First were first to support England - way back in 2006 their buses carried the flag, and of course they do again this year. From 2006 we see the flag on a Mercedes Vario at Derriford Hospital

Streets across Devon and Cornwall are lined with an abundance of patriotic flags blowing from the windows of local houses and businesses and rarely does a car drive past without an England flag blowing in the breeze behind it. Not only are our cars a display of English patriotism, but so too are Plymouth's buses as Citybus has caught World Cup fever.

The local bus company has named 11 of its buses after England players. Each of the buses will sport an England flag on the side of the bus alongside a player's name. The names include David James, Ashley Cole, Emile Heskey, Wayne Rooney, Peter Crouch and John Terry, to name just a few.

The managing director for Plymouth Citybus, Andrew Wickham, said: "The whole company wish to show their support for the England team and for Plymouth's bid to act as a host city for the 2018 World Cup."

This is Plymouth

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