04 May 2010

Misleading Headlines

 Citybus adds to Go-Ahead growth 

There was an interesting headline to a recent news item on This is Plymouth:

Ten per cent hike in number of Plymouth bus passengers in three months

If you then read the article it says something completely different!

"Revenue and passenger numbers in our deregulated bus operations increased by just over 10 per cent in the quarter, of which around six per cent was due to the first half acquisitions of Plymouth City Bus and Arriva's Horsham bus operations. "The majority of the like-for-like growth in revenue and passenger numbers was due to an increase in fare-paying passengers, with the balance from concessionary fares." The firm said that overall its third quarter trading was in line with expectations.

So what has actually happened is that Go-Ahead Group has seen a 10 percent increase in passenger numbers with the Citybus acquisition accounting for quite a large proportion of that - NOT a ten percent increase in passenger numbers in Plymouth - which would have been an amazing result seeing as Go-Ahead have not actually made any changes to Citybus routes yet.
Of course Citybus are about to make their first set of changes which mainly affect the Plympton services. I will be looking at these this week... Plymouth Citybus 092 WA56OZS
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03 May 2010
11:30 FIRST: Sunday timetable today except for the service 300 Cornwall Explorer Open Top which is operating normal timetable. Have a great bank holiday!

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  1. Regarding Service 20 - Shouldn't it read Woodford after Moorland Road then Marsh Mills, Prince Rock etc


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