21 May 2010

East End scheme hots up

Gdynia Way to close from 1st June, expect fun and games!

This is Plymouth:

COMMUTERS face months of chaos in the east of Plymouth from the beginning of next month. The first phase of the East End transport scheme will see Gdynia Way closed for five months. The road, which is the main route into the city from Plympton and Plymstock, is being widened to three lanes as part of an 18-month, £19million improvement scheme. The worst of the disruption will be in the first phase, from June to October this year, with the closure of Gdynia Way. Early work has already started in the area, and on Monday, June 1, contractors Amey will begin demolishing and rebuilding Elliott Road bridge. Drivers who use Gdynia Way now will be diverted through either Embankment Road or the Cattedown industrial estate, along Finnigan Road/Shapters Road.

The £19m scheme, which has won funding from the Government's Community Infrastructure Fund and is supported by the Regional Development Agency's Regional Infrastructure Fund, will provide better transport infrastructure that will boost the area's local economy and support the future growth of our city. At the heart of the scheme will be a new public transport corridor along Embankment Road heading east, which will help improve the reliability of existing local bus services as well as the future Eastern Corridor high quality public transport service. The scheme is expected to nearly halve the amount of traffic using Embankment Road and significantly enhance the local environment and quality of life for residents living in this area. There will be new and re-surfaced roads and pavements, new off-road cycle paths to better link the city centre with the East End, Plympton and Plymstock and improved pedestrian links offering better access to local shops and amenities in the area. With a scheme of this size some disruption is inevitable, but we are doing everything that we can to manage the construction of the scheme as effectively as possible to keep this to a minimum and maintain the flow of public transport through the area. Plymouth City Council

PDF Files explaining the diversions better can be found here


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20 May 2010
15:19 FIRST PLYMOUTH: Half Marathon affecting services 2 / 6 / 12/ 48 / X80 / 93 on Sunday 30th May 2010 between 0800 - 1200

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  1. Plymouth City Council seem to be putting out a message that during these works access to the City should be by utilising public transport. I 100% agree with this, the problem is that there is no realistic park and ride on this side of the City and areas such as Wembury have seen severe reductions to their bus service in the past 12 months or so, making public transport into the City difficult. For example there is no convenient morning bus service from Wembury for employees who start work at 9am.


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