27 May 2010

The battle for Plympton

NEW 14 journey ticket cuts price of bus travel in Plympton by up to 75%

In a move designed to make things easier for bus users in Plymouth, First Devon and Cornwall is introducing a special 14 journey ticket for customers using Service 12 (City Centre - Chaddlewood), which will both cut costs for regular travellers and allow those who only use the bus occasionally to also benefit from savings over the price of standard walk on fares.
The ticket, which will be available to buy from the driver, cuts the price of a journey anywhere on the ugobus service 12 route (Chaddlewood - Ridegway - Marsh Mills - City Centre) to just £1; offering a saving of 50% on the current maximum single fare of £2.

And between 30 May and 12 June, First Devon and Cornwall will be selling the 14 journey tickets at a discounted rate, meaning customers will be able to cut their travel costs even more, spending just 50 pence on each journey " saving up to 75% on the current maximum fare.

The initiative, which follows a recent price promotion in Ernesettle which cut end to end fares on Service 13 to just £1.60 for singles, and £2.40 for returns, comes on top of a promise to allow all customers using ugo service 1/1A (City Centre " St Budeaux " Saltash/Latchbrook) ugobus service 12 (Chaddlewood " Ridgeway " Marsh Mills " City Centre), and the PR1 George/Milehouse and PR2 Coypool Park & Ride services in Plymouth to travel for free if their bus is not super low floor and easily accessible vehicle.

The 14 journey ticket will have a shelf life of three months from the date of purchase, meaning even the most irregular travel can benefit from the significant savings it offers. The 14 journey ticket can be used for journeys anywhere on ugobus service 12 whether from Chaddlewood Shops to the City Centre or from Sainsburys at Marsh Mills to Ridgeway.

For more information on the ugobus service 12 14 journey ticket please CLICK HERE to download an information leaflet. Alternatively pick up leaflet from the First Travel Shop in Bretonside Bus Station or wait for a copy. (the leaflet is also being delivered to almost 10,000 homes along the route during week commencing 31st May - look inside your free Extra newspaper)

In the full terms and conditions there is a nice little line giving the details of what they term as low floor:
Low floor buses in our fleet include the following vehicles SLF Dennis Dart, SLF Volvo B6, SLF Volvo B7, SLF Optare Solo, SLF Dennis Trident, SLF Enviro 200, SLF Enviro 400. Any other vehicle used on the route will be classified as 'non low floor'

Not sure that will mean much to most passengers but at least it defines terms for the bus company. Its also interesting that the guarantee only applies to a few routes at the moment. I cant say I have ever seen a non low floor bus on the Park & Ride (at least not for a few years now anyway).

Why all this on the 12? well I am sure its no coincidence that Citybus new timetables for its Plympton services start very shortly and there seem to be quite a few pass3engers who dont like the changes even though Citybus say that they are adding extra buses to Plympton.

First 69246 YJ07WFN

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