13 May 2010

6th June its all change in Plympton

Citybus Timetable changes 6th June 2010

More detail on the forthcoming changes to Plymouth Citybus services

Following an extensive review of Service in the Plympton area of Plymouth taking into account customer consultation, market trends and the extensive road improvement schemes commencing in Prince Rock Plymouth Citybus is implementing the following changes to Services mainly in Plympton but also to services operating around Prince Rock and Saltash.

New Plympton network of Services

Service 20 operates between the City Centre and Merafield operating every 30 minutes during the day Monday to Saturday with an hourly Sunday Service. No late evening services. Starting from Amados Drive the Service is to operate to Cothil then along Plymouth Road to Mudge Way then Moorland Road then as per the current Service 20 to Marsh Mills from Marsh Mills the Service is to operate to the City Centre via Prince Rock and the City Centre. TIMETABLE PDF

Service 21 operates between the City Centre and Steer Park operating every 10 minutes during the day Monday to Saturday with evening services operating every 30 minutes. On Sundays and Bank holidays the Service is to operate every 30 minutes during the day with evening services operating hourly. Starting from Steer Park Down Road the Service is to then operate to Chaddlewood District Centre then as per the current inbound route of the Service 51 to the City Centre. Whilst the construction works of the Prince Rock scheme take place the service will continue to operate via Exeter Street to Royal Parade however once the scheme is complete it is planned to use the journey time savings to either operate via Mayflower Street, to the Rail Station or through work to other areas of the City creating a new cross city local bus service. TIMETABLE PDF

Service 22 Operating between the City Centre and Plympton St Maurice via Lipson Vale every 20 minutes during the day Monday to Saturday and hourly Sunday’s day and evenings Monday to Saturday. Starting from Chaddlewood garage the Service would operate to Chaddlewood District centre via Hill Crest then as per the current route of the Service 21 to Marsh Mills then on to the City Centre via Lipson Vale and Mayflower Street. TIMETABLE PDF

The above changes represent a significant additional investment in additional resources into Plympton by Plymouth Citybus whilst at the same time there has been significant simplification of the network. All of the above services will be operated by low floor easy access vehicles if it’s not low floor you don’t pay and that includes concession travel users whose journeys we won’t claim for if we let you down.

The above services replace the following. Service 21/X/A/S, Service 51/A/D, Service 22/D, Service 20, Service 12/A
Further changes to local bus services commencing from the 6th June 2010

Service 21S and the School day Service 20 from DHS Girls to Plympton are being replaced with School
Service 103 and 115 respectively. TIMETABLE PDF

Service 58 and Service 59 are being replaced with an improved Service 59 operating Monday to Saturday.
Starting from the George Junction P&R site the Service would then operate as per the Current 58 to the City Centre via Mayflower Street (no longer serving the Bus Station) This new service provides increase frequency for Compass Drive and also a much simpler timetable for the villages along this service route. TIMETABLE PDF

New Service 14D is a direct replacement of the first and third of the four very early morning service 21A that operated from Ham to the City Centre via Devonport. At the time of going to print Plymouth Citybus day return and season tickets are valid for travel on Target Travel Service 14 for no additional charge.TIMETABLE PDF

Service 26 whilst this service continues to grow from strength to strength evening services to Saltash has been very disappointing. Therefore evening services to Saltash are to be withdrawn with evening services terminating at Pemros Road. TIMETABLE PDF

Due to the works taking place in the Prince Rock area the following services need to be altered. Service 45/A will operate the Peak hour route all day and no longer service Radford and Elliott Road. Services into Devonport will remain unchanged with the exception of the 08:21 Service 45 from Stoke Village which is to operate 5 minutes earlier.TIMETABLE PDF

Service 50A is to be replaced with Service 50 and as such will no longer operate into Cattedown evenings and Sundays. (This is due to the closure of the bridge of Gydinia Way on Elliot Road) Once the works are completed then a review of the Service 45/A and the Service 50 will take place to see if a return to Cattedown Elliott Road is viable. TIMETABLE PDF

Service 152 is to see a change of route during the last period of cold weather the Service 152 found itself operating to Saltash Ploughboy as opposed to Longmeadow. This move proved to be highly successful. Therefore together with a need to put larger vehicle types on the Service the service route is to change with the service operating from Callington Road then left onto Liskeard Road terminating at Latchbrook Liskeard Road Roundabout TIMETABLE PDF.
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  1. that will see citybus's profits die in saltash, i for one will not be using it. Thats the punishment you get for switching to 'your local bus company'


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