18 March 2010

Ocean Maid

Busy going nowhere

I don't often cover boats in this blog, although they are an important part of the transport scene in and around Plymouth. Just down the river from yesterdays picture is this wonderful old wreck - Ocean Maid Ocean Maid One thing that has often puzzled me is how boats like this can end up just rotting away by the side of the river. You would have thought in this day and age someone 'official' would have them removed at great expense to the owner. If cars were just left by the side of the road to rot away something would get done about it.
Dont get me wrong, I am not calling for this to happen as I think these rotting wrecks can look great and add character to places. I am just puzzled at how they manage to get away with it? Ocean Maid
Back to yesterdays blog there has been one suggestion as to the mystery bus...DEM763Y? It looks like it could be! You can actually see her in the background of the top picture
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