04 February 2010

Citybus go Solo

Citybus Solos have arrived

The first Optare Solo's for Plymouth Citybus have arrived safely and are being prepared for service. The first one was expected to go to the paint shop this week so it wont be too long before we see them out and about.
Plymouth Citybus Fleet numbers will be
210 VU52UEE, 211 VU52UEF, 212 NM02DNU, 213 MX53FEF
Plymouth Citybus Solos Plymouth Citybus Solos Both ©Brian George. (Note a poorly 175 next to them!)
Expect to see them on 45, 25, 58 and 59.
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  1. NM02DNU seems to a bit of a mystery bus, as the reg isn't listed on Optare's chassis lists. I suspect this one has trundled over from Ireland at some point..

  2. Not quite Irish... NM02DNU new as ON02STX, reregistered by 10/2007, whilst sister VU52UEE wore T2STX between 04/2007 and 10/2007.

    190898 ON02STX Oe Solo M850 SAB19000000000898 B29F 7/2002 Scott,Stanley 4402

  3. this is deffinetely an ex go north east bus i should know ive seen these out and about where i live the yellow and marron 1 used to operate on the V1-V9 services that operated in county durham the rest the red and white swooshed and the withe with red band used to operate on the 68 service and the ashington based services


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