07 January 2010

Snow services

 Another very cold day - it actually snowed in Plymouth - and proper snow this time!
As was expected the weather caused major problems in Plymouth yesterday. Having logged onto Twitter first thing in the morning I was please to see that buses were running on the main roads. It was clear that didn't include Keswick crescent but I managed to walk up the hill quite easily. Had I checked Twitter again just before I left home I would have picked up the message that Citybus were withdrawing all services as it was now snowing heavily. The message had got through to a few others at the bus stop so I set off on the long walk towards Derriford. Just up the road by Estover College I came across a FDC 15 stuck in the middle of the road half way up the hill, with another one stuck at the top trying to come down. To my surprise a 47 came along Dover Road heading towards Derriford so i jumped on that, but it didn't get very far as it joined a queue of Citybuses stuck at the bottom of the hill near Thornbury School!

Photo taken by Wayne Tomlinson (via Facebook) just after I had left this scene. The Dart making a run for it up the hill did make it and passed me at the top of the hill. It didn't get very far though! Lots of Citybus Darts and also a FDC Trident whose roof can be seen behind the van, which I assume must have been on a diverted 806 school service

Also saw a Target Travel bus doing a three point turn at the top of the hill heading back towards Derriford. Walked the rest of the way and ended up helping out a poor school girl who having got off the 47 didn't have a clue where she was so was getting a bit upset. Had to walk her up as far as Derriford Roundabout where she was back on track! It was also clear that no traffic could get down to Derriford Hospital from Derriford Roundabout so buses were dropping passengers off at the top of the hill and then turning around at the Marjon Traffic Lights. Finally came cross a Target Travel Solo on the 14 which seemed to be doing a three point turn on William Prance Road ( not served by the 14 at all). Glad to be in the warm office - just under an hour travel time.

It was clear from all the updates during the day that some routes remained difficult. Keswick Crescent has not seen a bus all day and I don't expect to see in the morning either. As I write this up, its getting a lot colder outside and I am sure things are starting to freeze up again. By the time you read this I, along with many others will be getting ready for the journey to work again. Expecting ice to be a big problem - lets just hope that the gritters are out and about in plenty of time!

Once again the Tweets and Facebook sites were used to the full and relevant posts are listed below. There were actually a lot more than this!

First on Twitter 6 Jan 2010
07:28 NORTH DEVON: Unfortunately all services are suspended: 1/2, 1/1A/1B/1C, 3/4, 5, X7, X9, 30, 31, 32, 128 & services for North Devon College

07:29 PLYMOUTH: Service 1/1A is not serving Oaklands Drive or Yellowtor Road. Service 2 is operating but not serving Pomphlette Road/Foresters Road. Service 3 is operating as normal. Service 4 is not serving the Keyham area but staying on the main roads. Service 5 is operating as normal. Service 6 is not serving Holmwood Avenue. Service 7 is not serving Marjons. Service 12 is operating as normal. Service 13 is operating as normal. Service 15 is operating as normal. Service 17 is only serving Southway Drive in Southway. CALLINGTON: Service 76 is not serving Launceston, buses are terminating at Callington. SOUTH DEVON: Service X80/180 are not serving Westonfields or Cole Lane in Ivybridge. TORPOINT: Service 81/81C are not serving Great Park. TAVISTOCK: Services 83/84/86 are not serving Whitchurch, Services 87/89 are not currently operating. SOUTH DEVON/DARTMOUTH: Service 90/90A/90B and Mayflower Link 93 are operating as normal.

08:03 Apologies to anyone trying to access our website - we seem to be having a few problems this morning.

08:27 PLYMOUTH: Service 11 is not serving Honicknowle Green, Service 15 is not serving Estover, Asda or Mainstone, Service 17 is only serving Southway Drive in Southway and s not serving Dunnet Road or Clittaford Road, Service 3 is not serving Barne Barton but terminating at St Budueaux Square, Service 7 is not serving Woolwell or Marjons, Service 6 is not serving Goosewell or Holmwood Avenue, Service 1/1A between Plymouth and Saltash is not serving St Stephens, Oaklands Drive or Yellowtor Road.

09:31 PLYMOUTH: Mannamead Rd gridlocked so services 7, 15, 17, 84, 86 are likely to be delayed (may also affect the 11/81C if Mutley blocked too)

09:45 Website is now up and running again. Thanks for your patience during the earlier issues

10:19 PLYMOUTH: Buses are not currently serving Derriford Hospital forecourt. Services PR1/PR2 Park and Ride in Plymouth are operating but subject to disruption

10:24 PLYMOUTH: Service 15 not serving Estover, Asda or Mainstone & will terminate at Derriford Hospital (but not serve the hospital forecourt).

11:43 PLYMOUTH: Buses now able to serve Derriford Hospital again

11:54 PLYMOUTH: Service 11 is not serving St Pancras Avenue or Honicknowle Green

11:55 PLYMOUTH/SOUTH HAMS/TOTNES: Service X80/180 is not serving Cole Lane and the estates in Ivybridge and Westonfields in Totnes. Service 93 between Plymouth, Kingsbridge and Dartmouth is operating as normal but not serving Aveton Gifford.

12:01 NORTH DEVON: Serv 1 now operating between Barnstaple&Bideford along main road every 30 mins. All other ND services remain suspended

12:46 PLYMOUTH: Now operating in Plymouth&South Devon with some disruptions. For details please see earlier, individual service tweets or website

14:01 PLYMOUTH/SOUTH DEVON: Service 48 is turning at Seaview Drive in Wembury.

16:28 PLYMOUTH: Buses are operating in Plymouth and South Devon (mostly just on main roads) with some disruptions. Serving Derriford Hospital.

16:43 Advice from Highways&Network Management in Dvn re:weather recommends no school transport runs tomorrow so all Dvn school services suspended

17:00 All North Devon journeys stated are subject to weather conditions - if the snow returns or roads become icy services may be suspended.

17:03 CORNWALL: Most bus services are operating in Cornwall but may not be serving some estates (where roads have not been treated)

17:08 PLYMOUTH/SALTASH Service 1/1A between Plymouth and Saltash is now operating normally.

17:09 PLYMOUTH: Service 6 is not serving Goosewell or Holmwood Avenue and Broadway West. Service 15 is not serving Asda and Mainstone. Services 12 (City - Ridgeway/Chaddlewood) &13 (City - St Budeaux/Enesettle) are operating as normal. ervice 17 is still only serving Southway Drive in Southway and is not serving Dunnet Road or Clittaford Road. Service 3 is not serving Barne Barton but terminating at St Budueaux Square. Service 4 is not serving the Keyham area but staying on the main road, Service 7 is not serving Woolwell & service 11 is not serving St Pancras Avenue or Honicknowle Green.

17:14 TAVISTOCK/PLYMOUTH: Service 83/84/86 between Plymouth, Mutley, Derriford Hospital, Yelverton & Tavistock are not serving Whitchurch

17:15 TORPOINT/PLYMOUTH: Service 81/81C between Plymouth, Torpoint and Cremyll are not serving Great Park in Torpoint

17:47 NORTH DEVON:Due to icy roads the last service 1 bus from Barnstaple to Bideford will now be at 1905. Aplogies for any inconvenience caused.

18:16 Adverse weather update - Services 1/1A have been withdrawn from Oaklands Drive, Yellowtor Road & Stephens due to ice

22:16 Updates on First services in Devon & Cornwall will be available first thing in morning when we have had a chance to assess road conditions.
Citybus on Twitter / Facebook 6 Jan 2010
07:18 Bus services in Plymouth operating on treated main roads only. We are NOT operating 58 59 124 127 128 129 334 336 Plymouth College buses

07:52 We are now unable to serve Leigham, Brake Farm Miller Way (Estover Community College area) and all of Eggbuckland

08:00 Areas out of bounds Deer Park Keswick Crescent Admiralty Street Merafield Yellowtor Road Whitleigh Green Leatfield Drive St Pancras Avenue Austin Crescent Shallowford Road Holmwood Avenue Holly Park

08:09 Now unable to serve Efford Blandford Road Efford Lane Pike Road and Dunnett Road in Southway

08:14 Efford and Dunnett Road Soutway are all out of bounds. We also cannot serve Derriford Hospital

08:21 ALLL BUSES ARE BEING SUSPENDED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. Buses will complete the journey they are on and will then park in the garage or bus station. We are looking to operate an emergency route from around 1000. Keep checking here for updates

08:25 We hope to opperate an emergency main road service from around 1000 this morning if we can get through. Keep listening

09:08 We are returning buses to the following routes. City Centre to Crownhill, City Centre to Marsh Mills, City Centre to St Budeaux Square. These buses will operate as best they can to no specific timetable. We are hoping to return to near normal once the gritters can get out and about. Please bear with us.

09:31 Service 43 back to normal route from 0930 subject to delays. Services 51 and 21 operating between City Centre and Strode Road only from 0940

09:33 Once the road is cleared at the Golden Hind we will resume services to at least Crownhill - update as soon as we know

09:54 Service 26 back on between City Centre and Pemros Road only. Still unable to serve Saltash

10:15 43A and 43B are now back running to St Budeaux Square only

10:24 Service 34 returning to normal from 1030 City Centre. Derriford hospital is now open with care

10:37 We are getting there slowly. Services 40 41 44 and 44A will operate between the City Centre and Crownhill only. Service 42 City Centre to Derriford Hospital only. Service 50 City Centre to Derriford Hospital but this service WILL NOT serve Longbridge Road or Keswick Crescent. Service 29 full route but NOT Transit Way. 10:45 Services 40 and 41 back in Southway but cannot serve Dunnett Road. Service 35 back. Services 61 and 62 back but unable to serve Sheridan Road or Coombe Park Road

11:04 Service 50 cannot serve Leigham inbound but is okay outbound. Service 28 28A returning but only via Church Hill. Services 40 41 back into Southway but cannot serve Dunnett Road 23 and 24 back to normal. 8 and 9 to Laira roundabout only NOT via Efford. Service 29 as normal but NOT via Transit Way

11:28 Services 61 and 62 are returning to normal but cannot serve Sheridan Road or Coombe Park Lane. Service 35 returning to normal

12:00 Pleased to say we can now add the 46 and 47 to the list of buses which will be returning to their route except they cannot serve Lower Compton and will operate via Henders Corner instead.

12:38 The following services are back to full normal route but maybe subject to delay 16 35 43 43A 34 23 24 40 41. These services are running but are unable to operate the full route 61 62 28 28A 42 44 44A 43B 46 47 8 9 29 26 50 21 51 and may be delayed

13:01 5 and 5A going back now but will not serve Holmwood Avenue. Service 26 will now serve Saltash as far as the Ploughboy Inn. Service 152 will operate this afternoon but on main roads only

14:43 45 and 45A routes are now back in operation

14:47 No school buses this afternoon as all Plymoluth Schools closed today We will use the buses to operate additional journeys on busy routes

14:48 The 20 route is to operate the route with the exception of the Woodford Estate. Service 25 will be back shortly.

16:01 44 and 44A back into Whitleigh but unable to serve the Green

16:16 21 and 51 now back to normal route in Plympton.

18:30 Following advice from the Councils and as we have not heard from the schools PC1 - PC6 and services 120 121 122 124 127 128 129 will not run

18:52 Sorry but services 58 and 59 will not operate again on Thursday

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